Now Available New Products Trichromatic & Indigo Dyes
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Trichromatic Dyes

City Cat offers new Reactive Dyes recommended for continuous pad-dry-pad-steam and especially pad-thermofix application. Trichromatic dyes have outstanding compatibility and very good reproducibility. The dyes are available in Powder form.

Other range of colors like Black, Blue, Brown, Orange are been developed & will be available in near future.

The Dyes are developed against Ciba STD.

SN   Product Name   C. I. NO.   Commercial Equivalent
1   Catactive Red PR3   Reactive Red 45   Cibacron Red P-3B
2   Catactive Red PR4   Reactive Red 245   Cibacron Red P-4B
3   Catactive Red PR   Reactive Red 24   Cibacron Red PB
4   Catactive Red PR6   Reactive Red 218   Cibacron Red P-6B
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