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Cosmetic & Personal Care Industry

One Stop Shop for Innovative Cosmetic , Personal care ingredients.

For Cosmetic & Personal Care Application

01 Acid Red 14 For Colouring Shampoos, Conditioner
02 Allantoin Use As A Moisturizer To Treat Or Prevent Dry, Rough, Scaly, Itchy Skin Creams, Lotions
03 Aloe Extract Use As A Moisturizing And Cooling Agent, Improve Digestive Health, Promotes Oral Health, Clears Acne, Etc Hair & Creams
04 Amla Extract It Shows Anti-Inflammatory And Blood Flow Benefits Hair & Creams
05 Avo Benzone Protect From Uva Rays Creams, Lotions
06 Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (Bht) To Prevent Degradation Of Product Which May Occur Due To Oxidation. It Increases Shelf Life Of The Product And Retain Its Quality During Its Shelf Life. Hair Oil & Soap
07 Carrageenan Added To Thickener Toothpaste
08 Ceteareth 25 It Is An Universal Emulsifier To Make O/W Emulsions Hair Care, Sun Care
09 Citric Acid – Monohydrate Use As A Preservative Hair Oil
10 Cocamide Mono Ethanol Amide Act As A Wetting Agent, Foam Booster, Stabilizer Shampoos & Bath Products
11 Cocoamidopropyl Betaine It Is Used As A Foam Booster In Shampoos, Used In Cosmetics As A Emulsifying Agent, Thickener Hair & Creams
12 Diethyl Phthalate (Dep) It Is Used As An Ingredient To Blend Fragrances & Flavors. Used As An Intermediate In Pharmaceutical & Agro – Industries Fragnance
13 Dimethyl Di - Ammonium Chloride (Ddac-80%) Disinfectant Pharma
14 Food Colors Gives Natural Colors To Products Creams, Lip Balm
15 Glycerine This Is Used As A Moisturizer To Treat Or Prevent Dry, Rough, Itchy Skin Hair & Creams
16 Ground Calcium Carbonate It Is Mild Abrasive Which Helps To Safely Remove Plaque When Brushing And Gently Polishes Away Surface Stains Toothpaste
17 Hydroxy Stearic Acid To Prepare Grease (Grease Is Use In Soap) Lotions, Creams, Hair Care
18 Imidazolidinyl Urea Use As A Preservative Creams, Shampoos
19 Isopropyl Mysristate (Ipm) Use As A Skin Enhancer Creams, Lotions
20 Keratin Hydrolysed Powder It Reduced Irritation, Conditioning, Film-Forming, And Sustained From Capabilities Hair Care
21 Lanolin (Lanolin Anhydrous Superfine) Prevent Dry Skin Creams, Lotions
22 Magnesium Trisilicate Use In Talc Powder (As A Prinkly Heat Powder) Use In Talcum Powder
23 Microcrystalline Wax Viscosity Agent, Binder, Emollient Beauty Products
24 Neem Extract It Treats Dry Skin & Wrinkles, Reduce Scars, Treat Acne Hair & Creams
25 Octocrylene Absorb Uv Rays Creams
26 Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate (Omc) Absorb Uv Rays Sunscreen Creams & In Lip Balm
27 Peg 150-Distearate Emulsifier & Thickening Agent Shower Gel Products
28 Peg 400 Use As A Solvent, Humectant, Lubricant, Solubilizer Toothpaste
29 P-Phenylenediamine Colouring Hair Dye
30 Piroctone Olamine It Is Used In Antidandruff Shampoo Hair Care
31 2-Phospho-L-Ascorbic Acid Trisodium Salt It Is Used As Skin Whitening Agent. Creams, Lotions
32 Poly (Acrylic Acid)- Carbomer Hand Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer
33 Poly (Acrylic Acid) - Carbomer Use As An Emulsifying, Stabilising Gels & Creams
34 Precipited Silica – Abrasive Silica (Catosil 100) For Whiteness Toothpaste
35 Precipited Silica – Thickening Silica (Catofil P) To Build Viscosity Toothpaste
36 Propylene Glycol Use As An Antifreeze When Leakage Might Lead To Contact With Food Pharma
37 Salisylic Acid It Degrease The Skin, Reduce Inflammation, Improves Appearnce Of Pores Creams, Shampoos
38 Sodium Chloride It Is Used In The Formulation Of Oral Hygiene Products. It Polishes The Teeth, Reduces Oral Odor. Hair & Creams
39 Sodium Flouride It Make Teeth Stronger And More Resistant To Decay Caused By Acid And Bacteria Toothpaste
40 Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate (Sls) Serves To Clean Skin And Hair By Mixing With Oil And Dirt Cosmetic
41 Sodium Mono Fluro Phosphate Protect Tooth Enamel From Attack By Bacteria Toothpaste
42 Tert-Butylhydroquinone (Tbhq) It Prevents Or Slows Deterioration Of Cosmetics & Personal Care Products Caused By Chemical Reaction With Oxygen Hair Oil
43 Tri Sodium Orthophosphate Cleaning Agent Toothpaste
44 Trihydroxystearin Increase The Thickness Of The Lipid (Oil) Portion Of Cosmetic Products Creams, Lip Balm, Conditioner
45 White Bees Wax It Is Used As A Thickener, Emulsifier, And As A Stiffering Agent In Cosmetics & Use As A Fragrance In Soap & Perfumes Hair Cream

Essentials Oil Application

01 Castor Oil-Refined / Dehydrated / Cold Pressed / Pale Pressed Natural Moisturizer For Hair & Skin Personal Care
02 Jojaba Oil Use As A Cleanser, Moisturizer, Or Spot Treatment On Skin & Hair Personal Care
03 Light Liquid Paraffin Oil (Ip/Bp/Usp Grades) Increase Skin Moisture Retention Skin Care
04 Pine Oil Use As A Air Freshner For Homes, Offices And Vehicles, & As A Antimicrobial For Skin Home Care & Skin Care
05 Vetiver Oil Skin Care, Muscle Pain Personal Care

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